How would you know if somebody stole cash from your business? Don’t worry,we have a solution…

First of all you should know the reason of losing your money. Small cash oriented Business owners no need to worry more as Hybrid Accounting team is here to do it. 

1. Theft can occur at many levels of business operations such as sale level, bank deposit level, expenses/paid-outs etc.
2. Deposits can disappear, credit card machines can breakdown, the dealer processor may be unable to make deposit in your bank & the IRS can deduct your receivables without notice.

These losses can be responsible for your cash flow fluctuations.

That’s why we give daily deposit verification service which is a daily activity and can help for quick action from the management team & credit card deposit verification service and all other one time/periodical receivables which are tracked. You’ll get to know if money is missing from your bank. By tracking your deposits and credit card receipts from your point of sale to your bank, we can distinguish even a little misfortune. We need to ensure your earned money doesn’t get lost en route.

Then what are you thinking of? You just need to give access to your point of sale report, credit card processor statement and bank statement – You’ll get reports and you can track and prompt action.

For more details about this service, contact Hybrid Accounting @ (317)-851-0936 or . You can drop a message in online chat visit -


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