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5 Tips for Cash control and management in small business

There are different types of businesses like Restaurants, Fast-Food Restaurants, Hotels, Gas-Stations & Truck-Stops and many more. Every business needs different types of cash control and management & each one has unique ways to manage it depending on business operations. In Restaurants significant cash is generated but in Gas-Station and Truck-Stop percent of cash revenue is generally maximum as compare to other businesses. There might be the opposite situation in Hotels as the percent of cash revenue is less because mostly customers prefer credit or online booking. Hence, significant cash revenue needs effective control and management. So, in this blog I’m going to tell you some tips for cash control and management.
1.Accurate & Timely accounting – The cash should be accurately and timely deposited in the bank account. Businesses where there is significant cash revenue, there is a high risk of theft and to avoid that daily or within reasonable timelines cash should be ac…

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